Sunday, November 25, 2012

Peapods Favorite #20: Potholder Looms by Harrisville Designs

Peapods Favorites is our continuing series about our all-time favorite toys. Keep and an eye on Facebook and Pinterest for more favorites through the holiday season!

There is a simple kind of magic in the good old fashioned potholder loom, a toy that brings back fond memories from our own childhoods. Yes, it's fun to make potholders, but the magic is that kids can use a loom to make a gift that the grownups will really appreciate.

Raise your hand if you have a handmade potholder that you use daily in your kitchen, lovingly crafted by your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or neighbor. What a great lesson for a child to learn: how to create something useful and appreciated.

Potholder looms come in handy both for making Holiday presents and as great activity during the long holiday break. Potholder looms also travel well and are perfect for keeping occupied on car trips. We recommend them for ages 7 and up. Be sure to get plenty of loops!

Historic Harrisville, NH
Our potholder loom kits and loops are made in the USA by Harrisville Designs, a New Hampshire family business continuing a small town New England textile tradition that dates back to 1794. Harrisville Designs began in 1971 as an effort to keep that tradition alive and is today one of only a few remaining New England woolen mills. We're proud to have been part of that tradition for the last 10 years or so!

Bonus: Our Unhelpful Video on How to Make Potholders:

Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Friday 2012: Bigger, Better (and Less Blechy!) than Ever!

Big box retailers have crossed the line this year and are beginning their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving. We say phooey to that! Celebrate Thanksgiving with your family, sleep in on Friday, and then shop your locally-owned independents and celebrate Black Friday in style. Skip the crowds and the big boxes and have some fun instead! 

At Peapods, our Black Friday celebration is bigger and better than ever! No need to get up early—just stop by during our normal hours for a cup of hot cider. And, with a purchase over $30, you can draw an instant-win prize from our Black Friday fishbowl. You’ll draw one of the following fabulous prizes:
  • $5 Peapods Gift Card
  • $20 Peapods Gift Card (at least 4 available in the fish bowl!)
  • $50 Peapods Gift Card (one of these in the bowl)
  • Heidi, a blonde 34" tall waldorf doll by Käthe Kruse (a $200 value)
  • One of 2 deluxe cotton fleece baby blankets from Swaddle Designs (a $50 value)
  • A handmade wooden kitchen from Starlight Woodworks (a $200 value)
  • A bunch of other prizes including art kits, night lights, a silicon owl nursing pendant, and a handmade boy waldorf doll.

Plus, we'll have a bunch of great stuff on sale!

  • 40% off a HUGE selection of in-season organic baby clothes from Kate Quinn and Parade
  • 50% off select Thirsties diaper covers
  • 50% off  select Käthe Kruse baby toys
  • 50% off stocking stuffer games and puzzles by Crocodile Creek
  • Buy 1, Get 1 Free Crocodile Creek stainless steel water bottles
  • Pocket diapers from Sweet Pea for the very low price of $7.99 each (regularly $16)
  • 50% off select stuffed animals and Fraggle Rock dolls from Manhattan Toys
  • 50% off hand puppets from Educo and Manhattan Toys
  • Rockin' Green Detergent's brand new SECRET HOLIDAY SCENT will be $12.99 for Classic Rock and $13.99 for Hard Rock (Normally $15.95/$16.95)
  • Ergo Baby Carriers: Get a free infant insert or sucking pads with each Ergo Purchase
  • And, the last weekend of Buy 5, Get 1 Free on bumGenius Freetime AIO diapers

But wait, there's more!

Our Holiday Rewards Program is back! Through the end of the year, our rewards program is for everything in the store, not just cloth diapers! Earn a $15 store credit when you spend $200 on anything in the store before 12/31. Existing Rewards points from cloth diaper purchases or last year's Holiday Rewards count, too!

And, We're excited to help BabyLove MN with their 2nd annual Bum and Belly Drive! Donate your used cloth diapers, maternity wear, and baby carriers at Peapods thru December 12. Your used goods can make a big difference to a new family!

Do you have friends and family out of town? Order online for free shipping on all orders over $50!

Finally--We wish you and your family a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Peapods Favorite #19: Keva Planks Wooden Construction Toy

Peapods Favorites is our continuing series about our all-time favorite toys. Keep and an eye on Facebook and Pinterest for more favorites through the holiday season!

We've mentioned it a few times before, but we really like Keva Planks. They seem really simple at first, but Keva's precise dimensions make it possible for kids to build elaborate structures like towers, bridges, arches, and ball runs.

Keva Planks offer tremendous play value which is unmatched by almost any other toy we sell. Kids from three years old to 13 years old can make fabulous structures which tend to get more complex and original as kids get older.

Since the Minnesota company Mindware took over distribution of Keva in the past couple of years, they've expanded Keva's range of possibilities with kits like the catapult, trebuchet, and contraptions sets. Keva Contraptions sets are made from pine while Keva's Structures sets are made from pine or are available in a made in the USA maple version which comes in a sturdy canvas storage bag.

And, as if that weren't enough, we now feature Bionic Blox, a Keva connector that extends play in whole new directions. Made in the USA, Bionic Blox clip on to Keva Planks like a tinker toy hub, so you can build with them in whole new directions!

So give just about any kid some Keva Planks and see what they do with them. Our guess is they'll be playing with them for years!

Plus, be sure to check out our brand new Keva play table in the store!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Peapods Favorite #18: The Yoga Garden Kids Cooperative Board Game

Peapods Favorites is our continuing series about our all-time favorite toys. Keep and an eye on Facebook and Pinterest for more favorites through the holiday season!

Designed Jennifer Durand, a San Francisco kids yoga teacher, the Yoga Garden Cooperative Game is long-time Peapods favorite. It makes a great rainy day or birthday party game for kids ages 5 through 10 because it gets kids moving without creating chaos. Basically, the idea is to work together to plant a flower garden before the sun sets. The unique twist is that each player strikes a yoga pose during their turn and has to hold it until their turn comes again. The more players there are, the longer you have to hold your pose! 

We like cooperative kids games because kids aren't always very good at winning or losing, especially when playing against siblings. Anyone who has ever played Candyland with a 4 year old knows how this plays out. 

Players can still win or lose a cooperative game, but they win or lose together. So, you get all the fun with a lot less drama! With the Yoga Garden Game, brothers and sisters, friends and parents can play together, learn some yoga, and turn a boring sleepy afternoon into some lighthearted fun for everyone.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Peapods Favorite #17: The Green Toys Recycling Truck

Peapods Favorites is our continuing series about our all-time favorite toys. Keep and an eye on Facebook and Pinterest for more favorites through the holiday season!

When we first met Green Toys co-founder Robert van Goeben in 2006 and heard about their new environmentally friendly toys, they were still in prototype mode. We immediately placed an order and waited for the first batch to arrive. We've been impressed with their quality and design ever since.
Did you know that every Green Toys Truck has an 8-track cassette player depicted on the dash board? Is true!
We think Green Toys succeed on multiple levels, First, they have great play value, with a wide age range and the durability to stand up to lots of rough play inside or out. Second, they're super-green and made in the USA. Third, they really help teach kids about the value of recycling in a positive and non-preachy way. And none of their toys does that better than their recycled Recycling Truck. What better way to teach kids about closing the waste loop?

We feature lots of toys that are made from recycled materials, but Green Toys' Recycling Truck happens to look just like the green recycling trucks that ramble up and down Twin Cities streets! It really is a brilliant toy and we're proud to feature Green Toys in our store. 

By the way, we're also thrilled with the brand new submarine, airplane, and seaplane from Green Toys. Be sure to check those out, too!

The Green Toys Story:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Peapods Favorite #16: The Folkmanis Monkey Puppet - Monkey Monkey Monkey!

Peapods Favorites is our continuing series about our all-time favorite toys. Keep and an eye on Facebook and Pinterest for more favorites through the holiday season!

We've always loved Folkmanis Puppets! They use quality materials, are impeccably designed, and they pack a bunch of personality into every puppet. Each one is an open invitation to storytelling, pretend play, and learning about animals.

In our opinion, no puppet has more personality than the Folkmanis monkey puppet, which almost seems to have a mischievous mind of its own. We got our son Duncan a monkey puppet when he was just a baby. Eight years later, it's still one of his favorite toys. As a baby, we could always make him laugh with his monkey puppet or comfort him when he was upset. "Monkey monkey monkey!" is it's cheer. It's traveled with him everywhere and has created an enduring interest in Duncan for all things primate.

You never can tell which toy will resonate with a young child or which subject will strike his fancy, but we have a feeling that there's probable a Folkmanis puppet that'll strike a chord for just about every kid.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Peapods Favorite #15: The Fiesta Ware Toy Ceramic Tea Set

Peapods Favorites is our continuing series about our all-time favorite toys. Keep and an eye on Facebook and Pinterest for more favorites through the holiday season!
The Fiesta Ware Style Toy Tea Set by Schylling is simply a really cute kid-sized ceramic tea set. The beauty of this set is that although it's sized for little hands, kids (and grownups!) can actually drink tea with this set. Each cup is about 1 1/4 inches tall and holds about 2 ounces of tea. The set is sturdy enough to hold up to lots of play. We often open a set up for kids to play with in the store and very rarely does a piece break. Plus, it's dishwasher safe!

Designed for ages 3 and up, the Fiesta Ware Tea Set is an easy choice for any girl or boy with an active imagination who loves to pretend play with dolls or stuffed animals. The only choice is: chamomile or English breakfast?

By the way, we also stock the Green Toys Tea Set, which is also very popular and safe for use with real tea.

The Peapods Holiday Rewards Program is Back!

Everything Counts!

Our Holiday Rewards Program is back! Throughout November and December, everything in our store earns rewards points, not just cloth diapers. Earn $15 store credit for every $200 you spend!

Do the points I earned buying cloth diapers still count toward Holiday Rewards?
You betcha!
Do the points I earned during last year during Holiday Rewards still count?
You betcha!
How soon do I need to redeem my points?
Anytime you like! Our system will keep track of them indefinitely.

There's no need to carry a points card--we'll keep track of your purchases for you. Simply sign up when you make your next purchase. Or, email orders at with your name, address, and phone number and we'll add you to our system. Give us a call or email us anytime to check your rewards points balance.

More details and a modest amount of fine print can be found on our website.