Monday, July 2, 2007


From Dan: Welcome to the Peapods blog. This is actually our second blog--we previously maintained a page called "Carrots and Sticks" for several years, beginning back in 1998 when we first started Our intention then was to praise people and items that promoted attachment parenting and to criticize things that didn't. It was an interesting exercise, but we came to feel that the world isn't nearly so black and white. We found ourselves less and less able to separate our posts into good carrots and bad sticks.

Our intention now is to provide some insight into our family, our store, and the choices we make. As our store has grown, Millie and I seem to spend more time on administrative stuff and less time talking to people than we used to. This blog is an attempt to bridge that gap.

Expect infrequent posts on a variety of quirky topics. Many will be written at 2am when Millie or I have "brain fire" and can't sleep. Not sure if it's kids our the store that causes the brain fire, but that's another subject....

Thanks for your interest. Enjoy!
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