Saturday, June 7, 2008

Camden Rose Toys

We visited this past week Camden Rose Toys in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Yes, we're in the middle of another summer oddyssy, although nothing like last year's month-long trek to Vancouver. This year we're doing a tour of Michigan and SW Ontario.

Judy and Jason, the proprietors of Camden Rose, are aiming to create toys of the same quality as those made in Germany. Most of their toys are made from Cherry or Maple and all have wonderful rounded edges and graceful curves. Judy gave us a short tour of their operation and some previews of what they're working on.

Our most popular toys from Camden Rose are their Cherry Rattle and their elegant Teething Ring. Aside from their toys, though, one of the great things for us about selling toys made in the USA is that we get to visit folks like Judy and Jason when we travel and learn about their stories. Another example of good toys made by good people.
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