Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Riley writes ad copy

From Dan: So, we had a thought to run an ad in our local paper for the holidays. We wanted to convey an idea that our toys may cost more than Walmart's, but they have greater play value, meaning your kids will spend much more playing with them than a disposable plastic toy.

I was already having trouble formulating a succinct turn of phrase that conveyed this idea, when Millie said, "I want something that says, these are the toys that you'll be happy to see your children open under the tree. These are the toys that you'll feel good about watching them play with...Can you combine that with your idea of play value?"


The best I came up with was "Authentic Toys that Inspire". Jule said, "Inspire what, exactly?"

Just then Riley wandered into the office and asked what we were up to. I asked if he had any ideas.

How about "Toys that Make You Smile"? he asked.

Indeed. Toys that make you smile.
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