Monday, June 22, 2009

Mary's Soft Dough, Made in Oregon

On our recent vacation, we paid a visit to Mary Newell, owner of
Mary's Soft Dough in the wonderful town of Eugene, Oregon. We'd met
Mary through our work with the Handmade Toy Alliance, so we dropped in
to say hi.

Mary invited us into her shop and Abby, Riley, and Duncan got to help
her make a batch of dough. Then we rolled it out and used cookie
cutters to portion it into containers. The dough is made out of 100%
food ingredients like flour and salt and it doesn't have that weird
"play doh" smell. She gave us samples that we played with for the rest
of our trip.

We were so impressed with Mary and her dough that we ordered a bunch
up for the store--you'll find it in our arts & crafts section. We
think you'll love it, too.

And thanks again to Mary for the memorable experience!

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