Monday, September 28, 2009

Why we are closing out on SIGG Bottles

We have always loved SIGG water bottles for our family and loved to sell them in our store. They're great looking, fun, and easy to use.

But, as you may have heard, it turns out that SIGG has been misleading all of us about the nature of the liner in their aluminum water bottles. They told us that their liner "did not have BPA", otherwise known as Bisphenol-A, a common plastic additive that's been identified as a human endocrine disruptor. What they meant, it turns out, was that their liner had been shown not leach BPA in lab tests, but it did in fact contain a small amount of BPA until SIGG implemented a new liner technology about a year ago.

We do believe that both the old and new versions of SIGG bottles are very safe and we have no reason to doubt SIGG's independent lab report showing that no BPA leaches from their old liners. We are continuing to use our old SIGG bottles in our family.
However, we no longer trust or respect SIGG. They lied to us and many other retailers, which caused us to unintentionally mislead our customers. For that reason, we are discontinuing our relationship with SIGG and are closing out all our stock (all of which have the new liners.)

We continue to stock many great alternatives, including Kleen Kanteen and Crocodile Creek stainless steel bottles.

If you have an older SIGG bottle, SIGG is offering an exchange program which requires you to mail your bottle to SIGG. Since we are discontinuing our SIGG altogether, we are not able to exchange them in the store.

As a store, we apologize for passing SIGG's misinformation along to you, our customers.

Update 11/5/09: Our understanding is that SIGG ended their exchange program on 10/31/09.
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