Saturday, December 1, 2012

Peapods Favorite #21: Chewbeads Nursing Necklaces

Peapods Favorites is our continuing series about our all-time favorite toys. Keep and an eye on Facebook and Pinterest for more favorites through the holiday season!

Chewbeads nursing necklaces are jewelry that makes life just a little easier.  Babies are unrelentingly inquisitive and love to explore the world by grabbing ahold of anything they can reach and bringing it to the mouth. Hair, earrings, shirt collar, nose--they'll all subject to ongoing exploration and occasional tugs and pulls.

Chewbeads offer a satisfying diversion that babies can really sink their teeth into. Made from food-grade silicone, Chewbeads look great on mom (or dad!) and are pleasantly soft for babies to teethe on.

We've seen lots of other nursing necklaces, but we think Chewbeads do the best job of combining fashion with a compelling teething experience. As one of the first stores in the country to offer Chewbeads, we've enjoyed watching the company grow and hearing lots of great feedback from our customers. We also appreciate that Chewbeads are designed and tested for safety.

There are a number of different Chewbeads styles to choose from, including the classic round bead Jane necklace, it's multi-colored cousin the Waverly, and flattened bead designs Hudson and Perry. They've also just created a cool new bracelet/teething toy called the Mulberry which is cleverly designed to look like a ring of beads but is actually one continuous piece of chewable silicone.

So, we are pleased to name Chewbeads as a Peapods Favorite. They're a gift that both moms and babies will love!


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