Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Newsletter: Fresh Ideas to Cure Cabin Fever

Inevitably, each new (almost daily) coat of snow in February just doesn't bring the kids running with snowpants and mittens like they did in December. Even as native Minnesotans, we're not too proud to say that we're ready for spring!

Duncan at the MN ZooIf cabin fever has a grip on your house, too, here's some ideas for breaking the boredom and enjoying the day with your kids. .
  • Make some homemade play dough. It's easy! Just follow our free recipe. There's just something compelling about playing with warm homemade play dough.
  • Tap a maple tree. February is the month to make maple syrup! If you have a maple tree in your yard, check out our friends at Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply for everything you need. It's an easy, fun and fascinating project.
  • Get out the art supplies! Clear off the kitchen table and grab some paper, markers, scissors, or finger paints.
  • Make something interesting. One of our favorite projects is our Nature Kaleidoscope kit, with which you can create and decorate your own kaleidoscope and experiment with putting different objects in the viewer. Or, make an earth-friendly robot on wobbly wheels.
  • Play a game! We have a great selection of both competitive and cooperative games, which make playing with friends or siblings a lot less stressful.
Congratulations to the Okee Dokee Brothers!


Congrats to Minnesota's own Okee Dokee Brothers for winning the Grammy for Best Children's Album of 2012! We totally agree. In fact, their album Can You Canoe is probably one of the best musical cures for cabin fever we've ever heard!

New Arrivals

As always, here's a selection of some of our newest toys and baby goods. Keep an eye on Pinterest and Facebook for more information on new items as they arrive.

Wooden Scoot Around Toddler Scooter by Hape
Spring 2013 Robeez Collection
Croc Pile Wooden Balancing Game by Areaware
Treetop Busy Bead Tree Wooden Toddler Toy Skip Hop
Milkmakers Lactation Cookies

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