Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Introducing the new BEKA Ultimate Art Easel -- Made in Minnesota

The BEKA Ultimate Art Easel, Made in St. Paul, MN
BEKA's art easels have been a central part of our store for over a decade. And, for many years, we've offered them in the regular version or the deluxe adjustable version, which cost extra. Many parents preferred the adjustable version, which cost more, because it could be lower for a younger child and then raised as the child grew.

BEKA's new Ultimate Easel simplifies things by starting out as a lower 41 1/2" tall easel with an optional leg extension kit to grow the easel as high as 53 1/2". So, you don't have to pay more for an easel that can adjust!

Ultimate Easels are available in store with a chalkboard on one side and a magnet board on the other, or with a chalkboard / dry erase whiteboard. We also sell BEKA's high-quality art paper rolls, which mount on top.

Like all BEKA toys and art supplies, these easels are made in St. Paul by these guys:

Jamie Kreisman and his son John, toymakers at BEKA in St. Paul

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