Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Babywearing Tip #47: Wear Your Baby to the Minnesota State Fair

The spectacular crowds of the Minnesota State Fair
We love the Minnesota State Fair! This will be our 18th year in a row taking our kids to the fair and once again we'll be visiting with a toddler. And she'll be riding in her baby carrier, not in a stroller.

We like strollers just fine for lots of activities. But, speaking from experience, the State Fair is not a good place for a stroller. The one year we tried it with Duncan (who loved his stroller) was a bit of a nightmare. It was a small stroller, but we still struggled to get it onto the crowded fair bus. And, the Fair has lots of stairs and curbs that posed continuous navigation challenges.

But, crowd behavior at the fair was the biggest challenge. People just didn't seem to see Duncan in his stroller. They backed into him. They bonked him with hanging bags and fair swag. And they inadvertently dangled lit cigarettes dangerously close to his face. (This year, the Fair has designated limited smoking areas, so this problem should improve.) Suffice it to say we were distracted throughout the day.

And, at the end of the day, we realized that what Duncan mostly saw at the Fair from his stroller seat was other people's butts.

Yes, it's hot carrying a toddler at the Fair. Yes, she gets heavy. But, we'll switch off carrying duties and maybe even recruit Ellie's big sister and brother to help out. We'll seek out a few less crowded places where she can get down and play for a while. She'll see more and we'll do more by babywearing.

 So, if you're visiting the Fair with a baby or toddler, we heartily recommend a good baby carrier. You'll be more relaxed and your child will have a better experience. Stop by and try a few on--you can even stop by on your way to the Fair. We think you'll be glad you did.

Ellie and Millie with the Boba 3G carrier.

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