Saturday, September 28, 2013

Introducing YOXO: A Super Fun & Environmentally Friendly Construction Toy Made in St. Paul, Minnesota

Duncan says: This toy is awesome!
We are proud to introduce YOXO, (“yock-so”) a brand new toy that combines everything we look for in a toy! Made from recycled cardboard, YOXO is environmentally friendly. Made right here in St. Paul, YOXO is hyper-local. And, most important, YOXO is fun!

YOXO is a construction toy with huge play value. It's Y, X, and O pieces are made from dense and durable laser-cut hardboard that sturdily connect together far better than similar construction toys we've tried. And, although YOXO kits suggest designs to create, their aim is truly open-ended. They're even designed to connect to paper towel tubes and other household items that kids are encouraged to reclaim and add to their creations.

We gave the YOXOBot kit to our 8 year old son Duncan and, after an hour of play, he gave it his most glowing review ever: "That's a really cool toy!" The YOXOBot he built was super sturdy and Duncan made a sword to go with it.

YOXO kits come in two versions: The YOXOBot and the smaller YOXO To Go, which comes in a resealable bag in makes a great travel toy, too. And, both are priced just right, too! YOXO is a great idea for a birthday present.

Made by Play from Scratch, YOXO's goal is to encourage creativity and promote sustainability. We couldn't agree more!

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