Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Share What You Love About Saint Paul at the Peapods Minnesota Toy Fair

Why do you love St. Paul? Visit the Minnesota Toy Fair @ Peapods on 11/16 and let the world know!
In addition to the fabulous local toymakers we'll have on hand this Saturday at our Minnesota Toy Fair, we'll also be hosting the St. Paul Almanac and their wonderful chalkboard..

The Saint Paul Almanac will be here with chalkboard and camera, ready to hear stories from all ages.The photos will become part of a growing community portrait of Saint Paul storytellers. The album "365 Ways to Say I Love Saint Paul" can be found on the Saint Paul Almanac's Facebook page.

So stop by and tell the world why you love St. Paul!  The Minnesota Toy Fair is 12pm-4pm on November 16th.

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