Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gus and Tombo

This past week Gus and Tombo found new homes. We were very pleased to find two families who were excited to adopt them. We know that many of you will miss them as much as we will, but we knew this was the best solution for them.

The brothers Gus and Tombo first came into our lives in 2000, when we adopted them as kittens from the humane society. We had no idea how big they would grow or how friendly they would be. Gus would actually approach people as they entered the store and ask for affection. Tombo was more reserved and would wait until one of us was doing desk work to jump into a lap.

Then there were the times when they seemed to get a twitch in their tails and would chase each other around the store, knocking over fixtures and sending merchandise flying. Not a few items in our sidewalk sales were sent there by the cats.

In the past year or so, however, both brothers have been showing signs of stress in the store. Partly we think it was the result of entering feline middle age, but we felt it was also due to how busy the store has become. Gus found it more difficult to do his bear rug imitation in the middle of the floor and Tombo was running out of good hiding places. It was clear that they needed to find a quieter place.

So, while we're sad they're gone, we're very glad that they've found new homes and we're sure that they will make their new families as happy as they made us.
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