Friday, August 17, 2007

Where have all the toy makers gone? Long time passing....

From Dan: So, a bunch of us ASTRA independent toy stores got together recently to compile a list of companies that make toys in the USA. Keep in mind, there were more than 1,500 toy companies exhibiting at the 2007 American International Toy Fair. After sending a couple of dozen emails around on our listserve, here's how many American-made toy companies we could think of:


I don't think any of them have more than a couple of dozen employees. Most have less than 12. We buy from maybe twice that many because we search for even smaller toymakers who don't market themselves nationally. These 37 are all companies big enough to buy a booth at toy fair.

A customer today asked why we don't sell a cloth baby doll that's made in the US. We have some nice ones from China and some very nice ones from Germany, but the sad answer is that US made dolls don't exist. There is no baby doll factory in this country. Please--let us know if you know otherwise.
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