Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Cloth Diaper Washing Instructions

What microfibers look like up close. This design makes them incredibly absorbant, but it takes a lot of water to rinse clean.
We've recently updated our cloth diaper washing guidelines based on new research conducted by the Real Diaper Association. Thanks to the RDA, we've been learning a lot about different cloth diaper fibers and how to clean them best. (Did you know that microfiber under a microscope looks like a hollow tube with pie-shaped wedges?)

The biggest change is that we are now recommending a warm water cycle for the first washing instead of a cold water cycle. And on the second wash, be sure to use plenty of hot water with the correct amount of detergent. (Even with microfiber, using less detergent will not lead to cleaner diapers.)

RDA created a handy pdf that simplifies everything and a Laundry Science page with more in-depth answers for solving cloth diaper laundry problems. As always, stop into the store or give us a call if you have questions!

A few products that help keep cloth diapers clean:

Odor Eliminator

Bum Genius
Diaper Sprayer

Rockin Green Classic
Rock Remix Detergent
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