Monday, September 17, 2012

Introducing Peapods Favorites, A Collection of Our All-time Favorite Toys

We are proud to introduce our new selection of our all-time favorite toys which we will be rolling out through the end of the year, one toy at a time. Called Peapods Favorites, these are the toys that our store just wouldn't be the same without.

Sure, we love finding new toys and posting them to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.  But at the end of the day, our favorites are the ones our kids have grown up with. They're the toys that we've sold for years and years--some since the the first day we opened back in 1999. This year, we're giving some much-deserved attention to much-loved classic toys.

Our first Peapods Favorite can only be Uncle Goose Alphabet Blocks. Indeed, these blocks reflect much our what our store is all about.Over the years, we've featured them in advertisements and displayed them prominently at the front of our store. They're a toy that truly exemplifies the art of American toymaking.

Made in Michigan, Uncle Goose Alphabet Blocks are based on a 100 year old design. Sure, they're educational, but they're also fun to stack and tumble. They're not just in English, either. We have a full selection of languages from all around the world. We even have Elemental Blocks based on the periodic table. Each set is an enduring classic.

Update: Learn more about Uncle Goose Toys and see behind the scenes with this Michigan news report!

Watch for more Peapods Favorites posts in the coming weeks!
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