Thursday, September 20, 2012

Peapods Favorite #2: The Wood From the Hood Growth Chart

This fall, we're sharing our personal selection of our all-time favorite toys. These are classics that our store just wouldn't be the same without. Keep an eye on our blog and on facebook for new favorites up until the holiday season.

Today's favorite is the Wood from the Hood growth chart. These hyper-local growth charts have a lot of character and a lot of integrity.

Made in Minneapolis from locally-harvested reclaimed urban lumber, each growth chart is labelled with the zip code where it was harvested. Our selection often includes silver maple, elm, white pine, white oak, poplar, spruce, and linden. Each piece has its own unique grain pattern.

Wood from the Hood is part of Siewert Cabinet, a millwork and cabinet shop in Minneapolis. We've enjoyed working with them for many years now. Their first growth chart was made from baltic birch plywood and was also very popular in our store. But, when they started using reclaimed wood and developed Wood from the Hood, they created a truly wonderful product.

Wood from the Hood is Rick & Cindy Siewert
and Jon Buck.
This is one item that we don't usually ship because of its size, so it's available in-store only. Wood from the Hood growth charts make a great gift for a child of almost any age and are a heck of a lot better than marking heights on a door jamb!
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