Monday, October 22, 2012

Peapods Favorite #12: Haba Fantasy Blocks

Peapods Favorites is our continuing series about our all-time favorite toys. Keep and an eye on Facebook  and Pinterest for more favorites through the holiday season!

Made in Germany, Haba Fantasy Blocks take block play in a completely unique direction! Designed to complement a collection of unit blocks or to play with on their own, Fantasy Blocks use color, sound, and light play through a prism to encourage experimentation and creativity.

We've carried Fantasy Blocks for years, so they get the nod as our favorite.  But, we've also added several other unique Haba block sets, including Cordoba, Sevilla, Torrino, and Sakrada, each with its own style. Haba also makes several colorful wooden block sets with chunkier pieces for younger children, including the Habaland Play Set, the Large Animal Play Set, and their incredible new My First Ball Track set, which is part block play and part kenetic fun. All of these sets are compatible--mix them together to create amazing Suessian architecture!

How are Haba's colorful Fantasy Blocks made? Watch this video tour of the Haba factory in Germany, which documents the process from forest to toy store!

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