Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Peapods Favorite #6: Sarah's Silks Play Silks

Peapods Favorites is our continuing series about our all-time favorite toys. Keep and an eye on facebook  and Pinterest for more favorites through the holiday season!  

We've always believed that open-ended toys are the best; toys that require kids to imagine and invent their purpose. We can offer no better example of this than Sarah's Silks Playsilks.

Sarah's Silks has been a staple of our store since we opened in 1999. Their playsilks are wonderful, sheer and airy squares of colorful silk that can be anything a child wants them to be--a cape, a skirt, a hat, a scarf, a crown, an ocean of water, or a bed of grass.  Available in two sizes, the original playsilks are  35" square and the mini playsilks are 21" square. Our kids have used them over and over again in a million ways.

Like wood blocks, playsilks are an open-ended invitation to pretend.  We also stock a great selection of capes, fairy wings, and garlands from Sarah's Silks to complete the perfect dress-up wardrobe.
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