Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide Part Six: Toys for Babies

This year, we've created handy gift guides with toy suggestions for different age groups at various price points. Ask for one in store or browse our website for more gift ideas. 

Part 6: Toys for Babies

We have high standards for our baby toys. Quality and safety are of the highest importance. Any toy you give a baby is going to be constantly chewed on, dropped, and even thrown. But a toy should also stimulate a baby's senses through sight, sound, or texture (our favorites are great at all three). And, a toy should be easy to hold and to chew on.

Babies are changing month to month, though. As their abilities and interests develop, the toys they'll be interested in will, too.

0-6 months: For the first few months, toys are hardly needed as babies are just beginning to learn how to control their hand and focus their sight. Once they're able to grasp, however, a soft and easy to hold toy like Sophie the Giraffe, an Apple Park organic cloth toy, or a Kathe Kruse Towel Doll makes a perfect first toy.

At six months, babies love to lie on their back and play with toys hanging above them. A lambskin is perfect for this age of back play, as is a Skip Hop Activity Gym or a Haba Wooden Play Gym. Also consider choosing a teething toy at this age, such as our Kleynimals Stainless Steel Keys or our large selection of natural wood or silicone teethers.

Around nine or ten months, babies can sit up and play with toys in their laps. Larger grasping toy like the natural Skwish or the Haba Little Leaf House are perfect for this age.

At one years old, babies are just learning to crawl and walk. Toys that develop their hand/eye coordination are great at this age. Plan Toy's Punch and Drop, for example, is a longtime favorite. One year olds love how the balls play peek-a-boo. Our Uncle Goose Blocks, which are handmade in Michigan and available in many languages, are another excellent choice to teach stacking skills and colors. Later on, they're a great toy for teaching reading.

See more gift ideas on our website, or just stop into our store!

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