Monday, January 20, 2014

Our January Newsletter: Fun Cold Weather Ideas + New Toys for 2014

Sounds like Polar Vortex will be following up their hit singles Sunday Very Cold Sunday and Monday Monday (Can't Warm that Day) with a new hit called Late January Freeze Out.

Now, we like this fab fad from Canada just as much as anyone else, but we're looking forward days that top forty in Fahrenheit instead of Kelvin. In the meantime, here's a few ideas to burn some kid energy when the atmosphere is lacking kinetic energy:

Frozen Bubbles!Bubbles! If you haven't tried it yet, blowing bubbles on a really cold day is pretty cool, especially if you use Pustifix bubbles. Made in Germany, Pustifix soap bubbles last much longer than other brands and have a unique rainbow glow. In subzero temperatures, they'll freeze immediately and drift away as little frozen spheres that crumble instead of pop. Check out these great pics of frozen bubbles for inspiration.

Puppets! Now is the time to stage a puppet show! Climb behind the couch with a few of our Folkmanis puppets and make up some stories. If you need a better theater than the back of a couch, try a locally-made BEKA puppet theater.

Magnetic Fishing Pole ToyFish! But wait, we're not done with the couch yet! Grab one of our magnetic fishing poles and have your child cast the line over the back of the couch, where you can attach various prizes to be reeled in (preferably while sitting on a heating vent). Our magnetic fish would be one possible catch, of course, but you can also use any other metal object the magnet will stick to. Try paper clips, buttons, a nail, a bottle cap, etc. It's an easy way to make a 3-5 year old laugh.

Carnival! Bundle up and venture outside, too, for goodness sake. Here's a rundown of all the best events for little kids at this year's St. Paul Winter Carnival, compiled by the wonderful St. Paul by Tricycle Blog.

Knitting Tower Learn to Knit Tool by Camden RoseCrafts! Now is the time to learn a new skill! Introduce you kids to simple knitting with our Knitting Tower by Camden Rose. This craft, also known as corking, is easy to learn and quickly creates an artful knitted tube. Or, try finger painting, potholder weaving, or paper making. Busy hands are warm hands!

Visit! Of course, we'd love you to stop by and spend some time with us. Play on our train tables and try out a few toys. Then grab some coffee or lunch at one of our wonderful neighbors or stop by the St. Anthony Park Library for some storytime. We'll keep the sidewalk shoveled for you!

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