Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring is Here--Let's Get Rolling!

Time for Toys on Wheels!

Spring is here and sidewalks and driveways are (mostly) clear and the weather is getting (mostly) better every day. It's time to get rolling! Here's our must-have toys with wheels helpfully arranged from oldest to youngest.

New & Improved KaZAM V2s Kick Bikes
KaZAM Balance Bike v2s
(A little cheaper, too!)

Our favorite kids kick bike is updated for 2015 with an improved design and a new friendlier price of $89.99. We love KaZAM bikes because they have a step-through platform that makes them easy to ride and encourages kids to lift their feet up and balance.

The new V2s model is a little lighter and features real air tires and quick-release clamps on both the seat post and handlebars so it's easy to adjust as kids grow.

The KaZAM kick bike is a great way to learn to ride. Because it doesn't have pedals or training wheels, kids learn how to balance first by propelling themselves with their feet, making the transition to a big kid bike a lot easier.

The KaZAM V2s is available in red, green, blue, and pink. Oh, and we have a few remaining original KaZAMs which are NOW 30% off!

Micro Mini Scooters for Little Kids

Mini Micro Scooter
As we've mentioned before, Ellie's Micro Mini Kickboard Scooter is her all-time favorite toy. She's been without it all winter long, but these recent beautiful spring days have been non-stop scootering.

The Mini Micro is great for young kids and the optional o-bar attachment converts it to a toddler ride-on for even younger kids.

Because the Micro Mini steers by leaning instead of turning the handlebar, it's a lot more stable than other scooters. Warning: your child may want to play outside a lot more if you buy a Mini Micro.

The Wooden Scoot Around by Hape
Wooden Scoot Around Toddler Scooter by Hape
We've sold lots of different wooden toddler scooters over the years, but our favorite one by far is the Wooden Scoot Around by Hape.

Designed with a wide wheel base, the Scoot Around is super stable. Plus, it features a wooden stop at the back of the seat to prevent kids from falling off the back. And, the front wheels have soft rubber treads and a limited turn radius so they won't turn sideways and upend the rider.

The Scoot Around is a perfect first ride-on toy starting at about 14 months. Works great indoors or out.


Music Together Starts Next Week
Music Together Classes at PeapodsRegister now before classes fill up!

Music Together @ Peapods 
We still have spots available in our Monday and Tuesday Music Together classes, which begin next week.

We've been taking Music Together classes with Ellie for over a year and she's still super excited to sing and dance in class every week. The teachers are awesome, the songs are fun, and the egg shakers are...amazing!

Sure Spring is here and it's nice to place outside. But nothing starts a great day with a baby or preschooler like a Music Together class.

Supporting the Toxic Free Kids Act

This spring, we've been working with the Metro Independent Business Alliance (MetroIBA) and and the American Sustainable Business Council to lobby for the Toxic Free Kids Act. The TFKA would require childrens product manufacturers to report to the state of Minnesota if they add any of 8 toxic chemicals to their toys.

We're proud to contribute to this important legislation. Learn more about the TFKA in the op-ed that Dan co-authored in the StarTribune. And, if you get a chance, contact your state representative and tell them you support this important bill.

Peapods FREE Cloth Diaper Class
Free Cloth Diaper Class2nd and 4th Thursday of Every Month 6pm
Want to learn more about cloth diapers? Attend one of our FREE Cloth Diapering Class! Held one the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month, we'll teach you just about everything there is to know! No need to pre-register. Next classes: March 26th and April 9th. 

And now for our new arrivals:
Fedora Kids Hats
Spring 2015 Organic Clothes from Milk Barn Baby
Osa Limited Edition bumGenius Print
Tie Dye Baby Paper
Tie Dye Baby Paper.
Because Tie Dye!
Cauldron Quest Cooperative Game by Peaceable Kingdom
Organic Lambs and Bunnies by Woof and Poof
Natural Easter Egg Dye
New Skip Hop Diaper Bags
Skip Hop Umbrellas
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